Thank You Jamboree Volunteers!

Below is a partial list of people who helped make our 31st Jamboree in October a SUCCESS!  To those that we missed and that helped, thanks!

Tim and Susan Zabka

Tami Walz

Dennis Walz

Dan Nitzel 
Dan and Patti Reick

David Trembley

David Steffen

Matt Billmeier

Dave Ruffner

Dan Ruffner

Laura Steuben

Randy Leiser

Ben Heyne

Jason Heyne

Randy Hornbostel

Dennis and Linda Pogge

Mike Mann

Deb and Dan Mauer

Brandon Ristau

George Axtell

Ruth Tolliver

Bobby, Janelle, and Debbie Lincoln

Kevin Barrett

Dennis and Willa Taylor

Phil Brogan

Jason Allen

Andy Aken

Wes Alsdurf

Jordan Clausen

Rex Sims

Matt Rosno

Special thanks to Tim Zabka for getting to Headworks THREE DAYS before the event to direct the setup of overflow parking, sign up tent and events. 

          We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Steve Kouma, Brandon Kouma, Tim Navrkal and Bryan Gregor of Columbus for spending a couple of days using their own equipment and grass seed to repair the overflow pasture following the event. 

The Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association would like to thank the volunteers with the Genoa Rescue Squad and the Fullerton Rescue Squad for their assistance at the 31st Jamboree.  Their commitment as volunteers to the Rescue Squads are greatly appreciated by those who are occasionally in need of medical assistance. They are indeed a valuable asset to their communities!  We would also like to thank those at the Genoa Community Hospital.  People can depend upon their help when they most need it.  

In appreciation for the Rescue Squad’s time at the Jamboree, NOHVA donated $600 to the Genoa Rescue Squad and $600 to the Fullerton Rescue Squad.  

The Loup employees who are based at the Headgates place a considerable amount of effort into preparing the area for ATV and dirtbike riders, and for the jamboree by maintaining the area through out the year.  This exceptional efforts by them is greatly appreciated!  We would like to especially thank Gary Pierson for his leadership and understanding at the Headgates.

It is our intention to promote the jamboree events as a family type activity.  The Nance County Sheriff’s department provides their expertise to help keep attendees of the Jamborees under control, and they help patrol the area through out the year. Sheriff Dave Moore and his staff have been outstanding in working with all the parties involved at the area.  Without their help and involvement over the years, the riding park would not be possible today.  Also thanks to the Nebraska State Patrol for helping patrol the area.

We would also like to thank Alan Mohr for allowing jamboree participants to use his pasture for additional camping and parking.  The Jamborees could not occur without his help!



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