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The NOHVA Jamboree planned for June 5, 6 and 7 is CANCELLED as we cannot obtain insurance for the event. 

In order to have the event we MUST HAVE liability insurance.  We have been looking for a new liability policy since March,  but it is almost impossible to find insurance to protect us from accident claims - when several lawsuits are pending involving an accident claim.  Currently at least one or two lawsuits against us are asking for a large amount of money to pay for medical bills involving an accident that occurred at the Headworks OHV Park near Genoa on June 22, 2013.  I can only provide limited details as the law suit is in progress. 

In March of this year we received a notice from our insurance company that they will not be renewing our general liability insurance this year and our current policy expires May 30, 2015. 

There are several reasons for the cancellation.  The main reason involves two  law suits from the June 22, 2013 accident.  This accident occurred two weeks AFTER the 2013 NOHVA Spring/summer Jamboree.  The first we heard of the accident was January 10, 2015 when we received a notice that the first law suit was dismissed without Prejudice on January 6, 2015 in Nance County court.

While we like to believe that we had no liability in this case, it is up to the court to decide.  We are hoping that there is no liability to NOHVA or Loup Power under the Nebraska Recreational Liability Act.  The Nebraska Recreational Liability Act states that there is no liability to the land owners if some one is injured provided the land owners did not purposely create a hazard that would injure someone.  I do not know if this covers groups like our own. 

I know people have a lot of questions after they hear this news, I have some answers to questions that I have already been asked.

Will there be a Fall Jamboree or any other Jamborees?  We donít know.  There will not be a fall jamboree without liability insurance.  We hope to find a solution to liability insurance before the fall event.

Can someone else hold a jamboree?  Only if they follow the same procedure NOHVA followed.  This would include asking for permission from Loup Power, acquiring liability insurance, providing security, restrooms, trash pickup, emergency plan and event plan.

Can I ride at the Headworks Park on the dates of cancelled jamboree?  Yes, the park will be open to the public but it may be very crowded.   There are no plans to have anyone from NOHVA there at that time.  If there is a big crowd and the main parking area is not big enough, parking will not be allowed in the overflow field or down the road east of the main parking area.  Part of the main parking area will be closed for restoration. 

What will happen if the court decides NOHVA is responsible for the injuries from the accident?  We would probably have to pay and it could bankrupt NOHVA.  If that happens NOHVA would probably cease to exist and a new group formed.   

Will the Headworks OHV Park close without insurance?  Probably not.   If we are able, NOHVA will try to help with the park and organize riders as it has in the past.  

Submitted by Dan Nitzel, NOHVA President and Co-Founder since 1988.




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